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With ultra-bright, high-resolution diodes, Ultravision International LED digital displays transform the landscape of outdoor billboard advertising and digital branding solutions. Dynamic digital advertising brings interactive media to life 24 hours a day. Our team helped turn Times Square into the digital advertising Mecca it is today. Our team designed, engineered, and installed over 70% of the LED displays in Times Square, including one that has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "Largest TV".

With their eye-catching messages, LED video screens offer advertisers greater visibility and flexibility. Unlike static billboards, changing an advertising spot on our digital LED displays is just a mouse-click away. Digital OOH advertising enables companies to target the everyday consumer that is constantly on the go and wanting information at their fingertips. Our impressive LED billboard lighting is sure to spark your customer’s attention. Utilizing vivid imagery and marketing tactics on our LED video screens will capture your customer’s attention to overall increase your brand awareness. It is vital for companies to implement out of home advertising into their engagement strategies in order to stay competitive in the market. When it comes to using our LED billboards, the possibilities are endless. From education to government to hospitals and so much more, our LED video displays work within almost any industry! Contact us at info@uvintmail.com to learn more about our LED products.

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Ultravision International is a world leader in design, development, manufacturing and distribution of energy efficient LED video displays & LED lighting products. Ultravision solves customer challenges through innovative solutions designed to engage audiences around the world.

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