Why OOH Advertising the Right Choice for Your Company

William Hall, Thursday, February 2, 2017

We spend hours away from our homes.

And this means advertisers are focusing on mobile advertising. But if your app is deemed to have too many ads, it gets deleted from the device. If you advertise on commonly-used apps, ad-blocking software prevents your ads from being seen.

It may be time to turn to a type of advertising many have dismissed as old-school.

Take Your Advertising Out of Home

When you hear “out-of-home advertising” (OOH advertising), you probably think of billboards.

Billboards are still a huge part of OOH advertising. In fact, billboards have received a facelift – you’re almost as likely to see digital billboards now as traditional ones. Screen Media Daily reports “digital [OOH] media is the world’s fastest growing ad medium.”

As OOH advertising shifts to digital, it opens more opportunities for brands to integrate OOH adverstising and mobile experiences to gain the best of both advertising media.

OOH Advertising is Everywhere

Next time you’re out, take a look around. You’ll see OOH advertising on:

  • Airports
  • Benches
  • Bus shelters
  • Mall directories
  • Rail lines
  • Restaurant and store windows
  • Roadside billboards
  • Sports arenas
  • Subway stations
  • Vehicle wraps (personal and public transportation)

All of those are where your consumers are. people in the U.S. average more than 20 hours a week commuting in both private and public transportation. Almost four hours is spent walking.

Targeting Your Audience

Online advertising allows you to narrow down your advertising until you find the right buyer for your products.

Though OOH advertising can be seen by all, you can still focus your efforts. You can place your advertisements:

  • Where your customers live or work
  • Near areas of interest, such as sports arenas or favorite restaurants
  • Around their preferred modes of transportation

And, Yes, OOH is Being Seen

Geopath reports the OOH units they measure are capable of delivering 101,465,994,516 impressions every week. That’s enough for 2.2 billion smart phones.

Not only is OOH advertising being seen, but people are remembering seeing these ads. Outdoor Media Centre in the U.K. found:

  • 74% of people recalled seeing OOH ads in the past month


OOH Becomes Social

In a digital OOH campaign,

Increase Your Sales

A study completed by Nielsen found that installing in-store televisions has the potential to increase your sales at the point of sale by up to 33%.

These other benefits were observed:

  • 74% of consumers noticed the televisions at the checkout
  • Consumers had an unprompted awareness and recall rate of 14% with prompted rates up to 31%
  • The advertising and infotainment presented was considered “well received” by 62% of consumers

Combine OOH advertising with Your Online Efforts

No successful marketing strategy operates in a vacuum. Drive people to your web presence with targeted OOH advertising.











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