LED billboard lighting

Why is LED a Better Alternative for Billboard Lighting Than Traditional HID?

Unknown, Tuesday, July 25, 2017

When contemplating what type of bulb to use for your electronic video display, look to the LED lighting specialists at Ultravision International! We understand the importance of brightening up your advertising campaigns in order to capture the customer’s attention in a unique and animated way. Check below to learn why we believe LED lighting is a better alternative to traditional HID lighting.

  1. Energy Efficient

Companies have a corporate social responsibility to ensure their products and actions are environmentally beneficial to society. Utilizing LED lights for your company’s billboard display is a great way to help the environment while having the latest LED technology.

  1. Longer Lasting

When companies use LED billboard lighting they actually save money in the long run. LED lights do not have a filament or other moving parts that could break or burn which allows them to last longer than HID bulbs. Additionally, the life span of LED bulbs is noticeably longer than HID lighting options because of their low energy consumption.

  1. Brighter and Faster

LED billboard lighting is ideal for electronic video displays because often times our displays change images quickly to attract potential moving consumers going by on the road. LED lights come on instantly, allowing the use of frequent dynamic images to show up seamless and flawless.

Are you ready to see how LED billboard lighting can help grow your companies brand awareness? Contact us today to speak to a specialist to learn more about our LED products and services.