Ultravision is Now Made in the USA

William Hall, Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Last year we made a change.

It's a change we think you'll like. You may not have noticed the difference yet. But you will.

You see, we decided to move all of our manufacturing operations to the United States. Texas, to be precise.

Why We Moved

There are several reasons why we decided to make this change. We know you prefer an American-made product. That you want your purchase to benefit the economy. That you want to see these jobs here, not overseas.

However, our focus is on you, our customer. And, quite simply, moving manufacturing to the US allows us to provide you with a higher quality product.

This is how.

Better Quality Control

It's difficult to dictate product standards when thousands of miles separate you from the manufacturing plant. There was too much time wasted traveling back and forth.

With manufacturing here in Texas, we can visit often. These face-to-face conversations and phone calls that don't require scheduling for multiple time zones improve communication with those in charge of the plant. It's easier to communicate what we're looking for in the products we sell to you - and it's easier to enforce those standards.

Faster Shipping

Once your digital display is built, it must be shipped. When you add the complications of international shipping to the process, it rapidly becomes a hassle.

However, US-based customers will be receiving their LED and LCD products much more quickly. And without the headaches of international shipping.

The Results

So, no, you probably won't see the results of this change immediately. But a few years from now when your imported LEDs would have failed and your Ultravision products are still operating with minimal maintenance, you will.

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