How to Maintain Your LED Display

William Hall, Tuesday, January 3, 2017

You’ve made the investment into digital displays. Now what do you do with them?

Though LED displays are becoming easier to maintain, they are not pieces of equipment you can install and forget. LEDs occasionally burn out long before their time. Displays need to be cleaned. You must ensure displays are not overheating.

However, if you keep up with the maintenance, your LED display will have plenty of opportunity to return your investment to you.

Maintenance Depends on the Type of Display You Have

How maintenance is performed on the LED display depends on the type of display you have. If you have a cabinet-less display with a self-contained panel, the defective panel is simply disconnected and switched out with a new panel. This can even be done while your display is operating, so you have no loss of use.

A cabinet display, though, requires a skilled maintenance technician who can open up the cabinet, diagnose the problem, and replace defective parts.

Your cabinet display also requires a fan or air conditioning unit to keep the display from overheating. You will need to change air filters and clean the drainage according to manufacturer specifications.

Problems in your display can be minimized by taking advantage of remote monitoring services offered by digital display manufacturers and installers.

Cleaning the Display

Imagine having a speck of dust on your computer monitor that turns letters into Is or Ts. As annoying as that is, where you can easily wipe off the screen, it’s going to be even more so when the screen is tens of feet above the ground like a digital billboard.

And that’s one reason why you need to regularly clean your LED displays. You don’t want debris sending your potential customers to the wrong website or phone number – or customers who have to peer through a layer of dust (or fingerprints, if an inside display) to even see what your display says.

The long-term result of debris and dirt buildup on your LED display is that it wears on your display’s hardware. Clean the screen and the enclosure, and be sure to clean debris out of any air intakes or vents on your display.

A benefit of Ultravision's uniquely designed LED panels is that our panels do not have any air intakes or vents. This innovative design leads to reduced maintenance time and cost.

Don’t Forget the Software!

With the big investment you’ve made into your digital LED display, you probably tend to focus on maintaining that expensive hardware. Don’t forget your content can’t run unless the software side of things is taken care of.

Your content management system and antivirus software will need to be kept up-to-date as patches and updates are rolled out. You may also want to consider backing up the content you’re running regularly.

Maintenance Contracts

Check with your LED display’s manufacturer to see if they offer maintenance contracts or if one was included with your display purchase. A maintenance contract is the best way to ensure your LED display is getting the proper care.


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