Ultravision Staff Member William Hall

William Hall

Founder and CEO

Ultravision International founder William Hall has created and developed several companies that have gained profitability and market domination. His 15-year track record of profitability in the LED industry is backed by a track record of success with start-up and growth stage companies.

As a CEO and sales leader, he possesses the skills, talents, and connections to execute a repeat performance, backed by an outstanding foundation of competitive technology, pricing, and service. His successful past performance has made his name known in the Dallas area for his advances in technology while helping other entrepreneurs thrive in their advertising departments.

William Hall‘s vision for Ultravision International was to create innovative solutions through LED displays and lighting. Ultravision International developed the modular LED Display panel technology to lower the total cost of installation and total cost of operation of an LED Display.  The company’s wide array of solutions helps customers engage with audiences worldwide.

Companies he has founded and grown include:

  • BillBoard Video
    BillBoard Video installed digital advertising networks in grocery stores, drug stores and convenience stores. Billboard Video became one of the foremost manufacturers of digital LED displays having designed, manufactured and installed over half of the outdoor advertising LED displays in the world.  BillBoard Video manufactured 70% of the LED screens in Times Square often called Spectacular LED displays. Mr. Hall and BillBoard Video were listed in Entrepreneur magazine as the 20th fastest growing companies in the United States.  

  • Fuel Rewards
    Prior to BillBoard Video, William Hall was the founder and original CEO of Fuel Rewards.  Fuel Rewards is a patented program allowing grocery stores to reward customers with immediate gasoline discounts for the grocery products shoppers buy in the store. At Fuel Rewards, Mr. Hall negotiated completed contracts to initiate the marketing program with HEB, Meijer, Albertson’s, and Stop and Shop to. Mr. Hall also launched the operations and managed sales to 42 grocery manufacturers participating in Fuel Rewards program. Fuel Rewards is still one of the most used grocery rewards programs in the United States.

  • Nexus Fuels, Inc.
    Before Fuel Rewards, Hall was co-founder, and CEO of Nexus Fuels, Inc., which brought the first gasoline stations to grocery store parking lots. Nexus Fuels completed contracts to build gasoline stations in parking lots with Food Lion, Super Valu, Rich Foods and Shaw’s Supermarkets. Mr. Hall obtained the financial commitment necessary to build gasoline stations from LUKoil, Russia’s largest oil company and the 5th largest oil company in the world. This was the first major investment from a Russian company into a US based company. Mr. Hall participated as the only business attendee at US Vice President Gore and Russian Prime Minister Chernomyrden’s conference in Moscow, Russia.