Ultravision International Expands Digital Advertising Footprint with New Ultra-Lightweight LED Displays

New Blade Series enables displays to be installed in previously impossible locations

DALLAS – July 11, 2018 – Ultravision International, a world-leading innovator, manufacturer and distributor of LED displays and LED lighting, today announced its new Blade Series – an ultra-lightweight modular LED display panel that can be installed where previously impossible, such as commercial parking garages with ventilation systems that cannot be blocked by signage or areas with load restrictions.

“Our Blade Series was born of industry necessity,” said William Hall, CEO and co-founder of Ultravision International. “We have customers with locations that simply don’t support the weight of a traditional digital display, so we created an option that accommodates various barriers that until today, hindered a more widespread use of LED displays.”

The Blade Series maintains its modular structural integrity, but its ultra-lightweight feature allows wind to pass through, reducing wind loading requirements. This feature creates partially transparent displays that serve as a solution to mediums that were not formerly considered for advertising purposes, such as offices with glass windows can now display a billboard without completely impeding the view of those inside.

In addition, many cities have environmental regulations regarding billboards on the side of parking garages – the Blade Series display allows car exhaustion to ventilate through, adhering to environmental concerns.

Inspired by the needs of Ultravision’s customers, the Blade Series also opens new revenue opportunities for digital advertisers. The product helps facilitate more engagement opportunities for advertisers and their varied audiences.  

“Innovative products like the Blade Series are pushing boundaries to grow the space for digital advertising,” said Hall. “Ultravision is proud to provide superior, next-generation modular LED display panels that are assembled in America. Our Blade Series puts us in an even stronger position as advertisers’ digital display provider of choice because we yet again are creating new ways for them to generate revenue.”

The Blade Series family of modular LED display panels is available and ready for custom configuration and shipping. For more information about this new product line, please visit the Blade Series web page or contact the Ultravision team at info@uvintmail.com.

About Ultravision International

Ultravision International’s innovative LED displays and LED lights are assembled in America. The products’ patented and unique design lowers the total cost of installation and operation for its customers. The company’s wide array of solutions helps customers engage with audiences worldwide. Founded in 2010, Ultravision designed and patented the modular LED display panel, an innovation that fundamentally changed the LED industry by eliminating the need for cabinet displays that are difficult to install and costly to maintain. Ultravision products are manufactured in North Texas. For more details, please visit http://www.ultravisioninternational.com.



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