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What is a Heat Sink and Why Is It important?

Unknown, Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A heat sink is a vital factor in an electronic circuit that allows the heat to travel to outside components, enabling your product to cool down properly. Heat sinks act as a thermal management system to control the amount of heat your LED bulbs receive. If too much heat seeps into your lights, this will in turn cause the temperature to rise and decrease your voltage and lumens. When it comes to your LED lighting, investing in a heat sink is crucial to prolonging the life of your digital billboard lights. Having bright and powerful LED bulbs is important when powering your digital display board in order to effectively market your products.

The material and shape of a heat sink directly impact how the heat disperses to outside elements in order to properly protect your LED bulbs from overheating. Investing in a heat sink is a small cost to pay if it protects your digital billboard in order to help grow your brand awareness and transactions for your company.

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