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How to Save Money with Energy Efficient Billboard Lighting

Unknown, Tuesday, August 8, 2017

When it comes to effective marketing strategies that will illuminate your sales, look to the LED specialists at Ultravision International! Our revolutionary LED billboard lights are designed to save our customers money while being energy efficient and effective at capturing your customer’s attention. Below we have outlined a few ways our Ultravision Billboard Light will help save you money.

  • We designed our LED billboard lights with you in mind! The Ultra Billboard Light features a small and lightweight design with a single pole installation to make installation quick, simple, and less expensive.
  • Our lights are consistent to a 3:1 light spread to ensure fewer LED bulbs are used while still illuminating the billboard effectively and intensely.
  • The Ultra Billboard Light features a heat displacement design to help expand the life of your bulbs for up to 10 years! This will save you money by not having to replace them often.
  • Our product is environmentally friendly and does not give off UV emission.
  • Our lights produce energy savings to help you save more money monthly.

Our LED lights are designed with the latest technology to bring you a bright future for the success of your billboard. Learn how your company can capture a larger audience with our LED products. Contact us today at to get started.