LED display billboard

Designing Imagery for Your LED Display

Unknown, Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A successful company understands that it is vital to create brand awareness by marketing their products in such a way that evokes emotion and an experience. Ultravision International helps companies achieve this type of optimal brand recognition by advertising their products on an LED display billboard. Effective advertising goes beyond providing information but instead creates a user experience by implementing creative techniques that affect consumers’ decisions in a positive way. Below we have listed three marketing techniques that are effective when designing imagery for your LED display.

  1. Color

Choosing the correct color combination for your display is vital because colors can influence a buyer’s mood. For example, a color such as yellow is commonly used to derive feelings of happiness.

  1. Composition

Organizing the imagery on your LED display billboard in a planned and effective manner will appeal to your customer in a positive way because it is neat and seamless. Utilizing concepts such as negative space and symmetry are great techniques to incorporate into your composition.

  1. Conceptual

Using conceptual imagery in your advertisements will encourage the buyer to attach emotions to the company by allowing them to imagine the product in their own life. Choosing images that evoke the intended emotions of the marketing campaign is vital for success.

It is always important to create a plan for every marketing campaign that utilizes effective imagery techniques to best appeal to your customers. Email us at info@uvintmail.com to learn more about our LED products and services.