How to Choose the Right LED Screens for your DOOH Project

William Hall, Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It’s time. You are going to upgrade your current signs to LED. Great! You’re going to see a lot of ROI coming out of your purchase.

Now it’s time to decide what would be the best LED screen to purchase for your business. The first step, if you are purchasing an LED sign or display, is to research any zoning restrictions affecting your sign’s future location. Before you go any further, though, you need to take some time to figure out exactly how you’re going to use your screen.

Consider the Content (h2)

Will your screen’s content be text-only or contain images? Do you need to put a lot of information on your sign, or will “Big Sale!” be enough? This will be one of the factors determining your screen’s size.

If your budget is limited, a text-only or monochromatic screen may be best. If you are relying on multiple bright colors, images, or video to attract the attention of passersby, choose a full-color screen over a monochromatic one.

Speaking of video, you need to compare the aspect (width-to-height) ratio of the screen with the video format you will be playing.

Where Will Your Sign be Placed? (h2)

Now think of where your sign will be placed. Is it inside a building, or placed outdoors? Screens for outdoor applications should have additional weather-proofing technologies built in and are brighter to account for changing light conditions.

If indoors, do you have any size constrictions from the space where your screen will be placed? For example, if it will be on a wall, are there any architectural pieces that will block the view of your screen?

What is traffic like around the location? Ask yourself:

  • Is your audience in a vehicle or on foot?
  • How close is traffic to your sign? Will they be walking right up to it, or driving close to it? Or is it a billboard on the interstate where customers have to look up and are driving past quickly?
  • If in a vehicle, will they be stopped within viewing distance of your sign?

Choosing the Appropriate Size (h2)

Generally, the further away your traffic is from your sign’s location, you will need larger and fewer text characters. You may find a larger screen works best for this use.

If your traffic will be driving close to the sign at a low speed, or walking past it, a screen with more text in a smaller font size will work well. In these instances, you may find your message doesn’t read clearly. This is probably due to the resolution of your screen.

Screens with better resolution have a lower pitch, the distance between two side-by-side pixels, or the number of blocks within the screen with LEDs representing the full range of color (the range of color will depend on whether you have a monochromatic or full-color screen). Higher resolution is most suited to screens viewed up close, while screens being seen from a distance best work with a lower resolution.

Time to Upgrade

Now that you know your basic needs for an LED screen, you can start the purchasing process. Once your LED screen is up and running, you will enjoy how useful it is, whether you use it for advertising or sharing information.


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