How Software Plays a Part in DOOH Advertising

William Hall, Monday, October 5, 2015

When it comes to the hardware for your new digital sign, you are prepared. You’ve spent time selecting the appropriate LED screen for your business. You're starting to research the installation process.

But have you thought about how you're going to operate your sign?

That requires software. And the software you choose will have a huge impact on the ease of use for your digital sign.

What Software Does

You're purchasing a digital sign because of all of the great things digital signs do, correct? You want to be able to do things like:

  • Create great content for your advertising
  • Rotate between different advertising messages
  • Update messages quickly and easily
  • Set up a network between several signs
  • Play images, videos, and sounds

Without the appropriate software, your sign can't do any of the above. 

When Good Software Goes Bad

The wrong software can have a very negative impact on your digital sign's ROI. Let's say you choose a software package with all of these incredible, very expensive features you didn't even know were possible. It all looks so easy when the salesperson demonstrates it for you.

Once you get it installed in your hardware, though, you realize you don't know how to operate the sign. You end up hiring someone else to handle the sign's operation, or the sign sits empty for weeks or months while you try to figure it out.

After the software is running, you miss several important updates and the system crashes, or there isn't enough memory available in your hardware to handle updates. Or, you build some incredible content, only to discover it doesn't operate in your specific hardware and software combination.

Take Time to Choose the Correct Software

When it comes to selecting software, be certain you are picking the one that works best for your business. Figure out exactly what you want the sign to do. There are a number of products out there, and it's easy to pick one with too few or too many features.

You also want to be certain the software is compatible with your hardware. Know what types of files you most commonly use so you select software that runs those file types. Consider whether you want the sign connected to the Internet, or will be pulling content from a database.

Once you know what you need, spend time talking to different software providers, as well as other sign owners. Get recommendations from companies who have signs similar to yours. A salesperson who is truly interested in helping you find the best software will ask you many questions on how you plan to use your sign.

Good Software Makes Great Digital Signage

When you've done your homework, though, the right software makes operating your sign simple. It allows you to showcase content that attracts customers to your business all day, every day. So be sure you are just as thorough in selecting what goes into your sign as you were with choosing the sign itself.

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