Ultravision Staff Member William Hall

William Hall

Founder and CEO

Our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, William “Bill” Hall, has been an industry leader in several fields, including business, technology, sales, manufacturing, and design. He has remained superior in the industry due to his vision to be a disruptive force and innovator to develop new markets. Hall’s entrepreneurial mind has led to his development of revolutionary business practices that we now consider standard. He was the founder and CEO of Nexus Fuels, which was one of the first companies to develop gas stations at grocery stores. He was also the founder and CEO of Fuel Rewards, a patented program which allows grocery stores to reward customers with discounts on gas for buying groceries. After Fuel Rewards, Hall founded BillBoard Video. BillBoard Video began designing and manufacturing large format LED Digital Displays for Las Vegas, London, and Time Square. Billboard Video manufactured 70% of the LED screens in Times Square, including one that has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "Largest TV". William Hall and BillBoard Video were listed in Entrepreneur Magazine as the 20th fastest growing company in the United States. 

During Hall’s tenure at Ultravision, he has led his team to achieve unprecedented success using his innovative LED Lighting and LED Digital Display technology. 

Ultravision is a world-leading innovator, manufacturer and distributor of LED Digital Displays and Outdoor LED Lighting Solutions. Ultravision has over 60 U.S. and International patents for Modular LED Digital Displays and Outdoor LED Lighting. The unique designs of the patented products fundamentally changed the LED Digital Display and Outdoor LED Lighting industries by lowering the total cost of installation and operation for its customers. Ultravision’s innovative products are proudly assembled in Dallas, Texas. The Modular LED Digital Displays and Outdoor LED Lighting Solutions are used in outdoor advertising, shopping malls, retail, museums, amusement parks, hotels, corporate lobby displays, stadiums, arenas and entertainment districts. Ultravision’s team designed, engineered and installed LED digital displays in New York’s Times Square and the most LED digital displays in London and the United Kingdom, including the largest LED display in Europe. The company also has outdoor LED lighting throughout the United States. Ultravision will continue to grow in North America due to the company’s ability to create new markets with its innovative LED technology, most recently for its Outdoor LED Lighting Solutions.