Ultravision Blade Series

The Ultravision UP Blade series is a complete line of high-resolution LED display screens that can display digital playback of recorded, live, or static images, including a series of outdoor displays targeting large-scale audiences. This series is specifically designed to be ultra-lightweight. The Blade Series of LED display panels can be installed where previously impossible, such as commercial parking garages with ventilation systems that cannot be blocked by signage or areas with load restrictions.

Ultravision Blade Series

  • Best for Outdoors
  • Additional Benefits

    • Display health monitoring capabilities:
      • Temp, humidity, voltage, smoke (optional)
    • Failure alerts through email and/or text
    • Redundant data feed allows for full working display during panel data failure
    • Industrial plastic housing creates lighter overall display
    • Entire unit is IP65 - Easy use cable design -Self-contained building block
    • Internal power supply mitigates multi-panel failures
    • UL Listed, CE Certified, FCC Compliant

  • Warranty

    Our UP Blade Series come with a 5 year limited warranty.

Blade Series

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