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Score big with Ultravision International virtual scoreboards! We design and manufacture innovative LED scoreboards and displays for schools, athletic facilities, and arenas. Our customized LED display billboard will provide a unique experience at any size venue for your guests to enjoy.

With our innovative virtual displays, you can delight fans and advertisers with eye catching focal points throughout your venue. Create immersive experiences for all your sports, music, festivals, and more. Whether you are showcasing an instant replay of a perfect pass in football or advertising delicious snacks at a concert, our billboard lights are sure to communicate your message effectively.

Our innovative technology will help your organization capture and maximize your fan experience, mixing technology-enabled entertainment in physical arenas with online, social, or mobile components. Enhance your fan engagement and get a return on your investment with increased revenue generation. Our virtual scoreboards are great for sporting events because our billboard lights help to illuminate the different teams and their accomplishments during the game. Your fans will appreciate your LED display billboard because it allows them to see what is happening in the game without having to strain their eyes or miss a play or point. If you are curious to see how our lighting solutions can help increase your brand awareness and communication, contact us today at info@uvintmail.com.


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Ultravision International is a world leader in design, development, manufacturing and distribution of energy efficient LED video displays & LED lighting products. Ultravision solves customer challenges through innovative solutions designed to engage audiences around the world.

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