Ultravision LED Solutions for Government

Assembled in the United States, Ultravision International's LED displays enhance important messages with our innovative LED billboard lighting. This visual impact can enhance your overall message and engage your audience, indoors and out. Since news and headlines change frequently, our products help government officials communicate mass amounts of information to their communities on a daily basis.

We provide video displays with innovative billboard lights that enhance operations at an affordable price. Our hardware and software meet or exceeds bid specifications across the nation.

It is vital to effectively communicate urgent announcements to the people in order to accomplish results. Our billboard LED lighting works well to inform the general public of emergencies, AMBER alerts, traffic updates, weather warnings, and other issues that would be fitting. Our LED video screens also work well to enhance the communication between military officials and guests. When it comes to increasing communication between our military and the public, it is worth the investment. Contact us today at info@uvintmail.com to learn more how you can implement a LED display into your community.


Share Messages Efficiently

  • Announce meeting schedules or cancellations
  • Improve troop, employee and guest communications with instant notifications
  • Reach employees with digital announcements

Communicate Urgent Announcements

  • Color-coded Homeland Security alert messages
  • Emergencies, AMBER alerts, and weather alerts
  • Special advisories

Industry Leading LED Video Display & Lighting Solutions For Your Market

Ultravision International is a world leader in design, development, manufacturing and distribution of energy efficient LED video displays & LED lighting products. Ultravision solves customer challenges through innovative solutions designed to engage audiences around the world.

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LED Display & Lighting Solutions for Government Entities

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