Ultravision International's Board of Directors

When it comes to delivering the latest technology of LED billboard lighting and other LED display revolutions, three names should come to mind. William Hall, Arthur Wagner, and Mel Lazar have dedicated their time and resources to create innovative solutions through LED displays and lighting. At Ultravision International, we are committed to being at the forefront of LED technology, design, development, manufacturing, and logistics.

Our digital billboard manufacturers create our advanced products with our customers in mind. We strive to provide advanced marketing and advertising solutions to help our customers grow efficiently and effectively. Marketing your companies with our LED lighting solutions allow you to reach a larger audience by capturing their attention through effective brand awareness and engagement. Are you curious about growing your company through affordable LED billboard lighting? Contact our LED specialists today at info@uvintmail.com to learn more about growing your business with our quality LED products.

Meet Ultravision International's Board Members and read their biographies below:

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