Ultravision Spectaculars

The UltraPanel high-resolution spectacular LED display screens allow for the playback of recorded or live images to target large-scale audiences in outdoor or indoor  venues. Using the latest in LED display technology the UltraPanel delivers optimized color performance, even in direct sunlight. The UltraPanel has an extended operating life with lower energy consumption and maintenance costs than competitors. When used in combination with our VisionLED proprietary video controller software,  orchestrating both dynamic and static images becomes seamless and even concurrent. No other technology can deliver a more powerful impression than a super-sized  LED display wall while providing viewers with the best  cinematic performance possible.

Ultravision Spectaculars

How Our Spectaculars Work for You

Solutions Customized For You

  • Optimized color performance
  • Virtual pixels for HD applications
  • Ultra-bright, high-resolution diodes

Energy Efficient Design

  • Completely self-contained panel
  • Approximately 50% lighter in weight than old cabinet technology
  • IP 67 rated - waterproof and corrosion resistan
  • Use on average 20% less power than other LED manufacturers

Easy Installation & Maintenance

  • Lighter weight reduces installation costs
  • No maintenance fees 
  • Front or rear serviceable
  • Single phase power. Can use existing power at installation site
  • Plug and play panels that daisy-chain together

Technical Specifications

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