Ultravision Billboard Lights

The Ultra Billboard Light is a revolutionary LED light used for various applications. Unlike traditional LED lighting, the Ultra Billboard Light’s heat displacement feature drastically extends the life span of the LEDs. The Ultra Billboard Light is inexpensive, energy efficient and provides continuous, trouble-free lighting for 10 years.An LED light offering immense energy savings, the Ultra Billboard Light is versatile enough to use for a range of outdoor advertising purposes. The optic design technology gives your billboard a light spread larger than that seen in any similar product. This means that your products will be noticed, no matter when your prospects come into contact with them.

Ultravision Billboard Lights

Revolutionary LED Billboard Lighting That Benefits Your Project

Best light spread in the industry thanks to patented unique optic design.

Solutions Customized For You

  • Patented asymmetric optical lens ensures high intensity brightness from edge to edge of your lighting application
  • 3:1 light spread - requires fewer LEDs to maintain effective illumination intensity
  • Highest concentration of light on desired areas

Cost Saving, Energy Efficient

  • ECO green product
  • Water resistant and corrosion resistant
  • Single pole installation lowers the cost of installation
  • Approved for solar application
  • Up to 92% in energy savings

Other Benefits

  • Requires fewer LEDs to maintain effective illumination intensity.
  • Less heat and no UV emission eliminates attraction of mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Only 2 lights needed to light a 14’ x 48’ billboard
  • Small dimensions and lightweight packaging make installation fast and simple.

Technical Specifications

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