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In today's digital world, it is more important than ever that schools, colleges, and universities are able to effectively communicate with students, staff, and parents. 

LED displays are now being used in classrooms, libraries, sports arenas, and campus centers. Video signs provide an effective method for message delivery to today's students, many of whom have grown accustomed to receiving information in a digital format.

Educators, looking for innovative ways to engage students and help them succeed have adopted LED displays and video walls as part of the educational experience. Creating a dynamic educational experience can help teachers and professors encourages a high level of student engagement. In addition, video displays in libraries and laboratories can facilitate collaboration and interactive learning.

Ultravision's digital displays are energy efficient, and provide a more cost effective message medium. They are ideal for broadcasting all types of media around campus, from school announcements, lunch menus, to time-critical alerts to interactive maps to help visitors navigate campuses.

Animated graphics are better at grabbing eyeballs than static images, making digital displays the superior method for message dissemination. As a wayfinding tool, they can replace maps to help newcomers and visitors navigate a campus more easily. And they can even be used to generate advertising revenue, yielding an even greater return on investment.

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Ultravision International is a world leader in design, development, manufacturing and distribution of energy efficient LED video displays & LED lighting products. Ultravision solves customer challenges through innovative solutions designed to engage audiences around the world.

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